What is Life To The Nations?

Life to the Nations is a autobiographical blog ran by Rachel Timmerman, who is a Christian Missionary, leading faith-based work primarily in 3rd world countries.

Rachel’s goal is to bring: LIFE to the Nations–one story, photograph, or heart at a time.

Why a Missionary?

Every missionary is different. The world is getting smaller and cross cultural missions can takes on many forms. Gone are the days when daughters and sons packed everything they owned and left for distant countries, never to return. Their family would be happy if they received a postcard. Nevertheless, we live in a new world where cross cultural connection is not only possible but necessary. A Missionary is anyone sent to do the will of God and proclaim the Good News among the nations. Whatever way you see missions, one thing is clear: People need to see and experience the love of Jesus. They need life.

More on Rachel:

 My name is Rachel, and “Life to the Nations” is my blog about my journey as a missionary, trip leader and story teller. Photography, story telling and honest conversation about life and faith are my passions. Every missionary is different and I am one of those “weird ones.” I don’t live in a foreign or impoverished country. On the contrary, I spend most of my time in a wealthy urban community. God’s love and grace is needed just as much (if not more) among the wealthy as in the indigenous villages. My story is different. It doesn’t consist of feeding stations or people being saved by the thousands. My story is me serving under the covering of my church, and bringing life to the nations one story, one picture and one heart at a time. I invite you to join me in this journey of bringing “Life to the Nations.” 

Whether you are new to the mission field, thinking of going on a mission trip for the first time, or have already spent years on foreign soil, Welcome to Life to the Nations. I invite you into my story and to interact with me. I’m hopeful that the doorways to different worlds, perspectives and stories will lead you to a deeper faith, a more effective ministry and a greater understanding that you are not alone.