What’s Next?

There are times I wish I could have more solutions.But other times, I wish I lived in more ignorance. Then I wouldn’t have so much responsibility to the Kingdom.

Follow God anywhere?

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These past years I’ve felt like Gideon fighting with only 300 men. The battle continues to come but I am dangerously outmatched. 

Following God puts me in positions where I feel crazy and ill-equipped.Everything God calls me to do is so out of my comfort zone. And I’m embarrassed to say that I fight each prompting kicking and screaming. I feel outmatched and scared.

Home from Guatemala

I spent the Summer months serving Bluewater Surrender at Casa Agua Azul in Rio Dulce Guatemala. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and stayed with me throughout this journey! Since returning to the United States I’ve been on a bit of a blog sabbatical. God has sparked new dreams and visions inside me for the upcoming year. And to be quite honest, I’ve been nervous to share. 

What happened when I retuned

When I returned to Florida I didn’t know what was going to happen. As I mentioned in previous posts, I left a job that I absolutely loved. I loved going into work everyday because I could see the purpose in what I was doing. I could see the earthly and eternal purpose in my work at this job. However, upon returning home, there was no more position for me at that job. I had no job, no money and no plan for what was next,

The first two weeks after arriving home I honestly didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where I was going or what was coming next. My prayer life had never been so active though! I prayed every day that God would give me the answers. Was I supposed to get another job? Or was I really supposed to be a full-time missionary? I didn’t feel led to move to another country… I was (and still am) confused. Every person and trusted friend that I talked to said “Rachel, you are a missionary.”

God’s Provision

A few weeks after being home, I went to a Lighthouse on the Rock church. Pastor Eric Fisher, his wife and church have supported me finically and prayerfully in my mission trips over this past year. I shared about my Summer in Guatemala and thanked them for their continued support. Pastor Eric invited me to lunch with him and his family after church. During lunch he offered me a job at his Christian school that he had just started. He said he knows my first priority is missions trips so this job cold allow me that flexibility. Plus, his aim with the children in the school is first of all, discipleship. And he said “I know that I can trust you to have that goal in mind as well.”

I accepted that job. And come to find out that my supervisor’s children from my old job go to this school! I had been sad because I wouldn’t see my old boss any more. But now that her kids go to this school I will still see her every day! In addition, another woman from my church offered me flexible work hours at her art gallery. I am not making a bunch of money by any means, but it is something! And I know God provided it. 

And with what is coming this Summer, I need the flexibility. 

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