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I feel like I’m fighting a battle. But the battle is unknown to me. I am pushing hard against a wall that will not move. I push and I push but nothing happens. So, I sit back and wonder..“Why am pushing so hard against what seems to be an unmovable wall?” And then He said to me, 

“Look around you,
Look at your arms.

Are they not strong?
Can they not move mountains?

Look around you,
Look at your legs.

Are they not strong?
Can they not out run the gazelle?”

The wall was never meant to move. However, I am strengthening your body for the walls that will need to be moved. Keep pushing the unmovable wall because it’s not about the “wall” It’s about you.

Do you feeling you are fighting a battle?

If you feel, as I do, that you are fighting a pointless battle, remember that the battle itself may not be meant to be won. Focusing too much on the wall itself can be exhausting. Take a step back and look and the strength you have gained from fighting. Don’t quit. God does everything with purpose.

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