Que pasó?

It has been a while since my last post. Things in Guatemala are “unpredictable.” As I write this post I hear the constant loud banging of hammers, dripping water from the roof as well as the occasional sounds of crying and screaming children. Quiet spaces are few and far between when you live in a house with 11 children.

Every part of me wishes I could share the everyday occurrences with my friends and family! Sadly, I cannot. I hope my short posts will suffice!

What’s happening? “La vaca Lola”

Much has happened in this house in the last week. I have unintentionally memorized the children song “La vaca Lola” due to hearing it over 100 times daily. I wish I was embellishing on that number… Even as I write this, the song is being sung by the children. If you’re wondering what the song is about… It literally sings: “The cow has a head and the cow has a tail, say moooo.”

Cute right?

Other than learning a new children’s song, my Spanish is getting better. Unfortunately, two months is just not enough time to become fluent. However, every day I believe my language skills get better. I can talk more with the kids and each meal at the table becomes less “confusing.”

On a note about food… I wish I could tell you the amount of beans I have consumed so far during my stay… But I don’t know whether it would cause concern or laughter. But I will say that the little pleasures of the occasional avocado toast and pizza have been pleasant surprises!


Projects are in full swing here at the house. Every day Jerry has the boys helping with some kind of construction project. You can typically find me working with the kids or running around trying to capture as many photos as possible for BWS! There are always things to be done at the house. And the children love to help!

Currently we are working on tearing down an old house on the property. This is so that we can make room for the construction of a new visitors center tiki hut. Twice a week Casa Agua Azul has open days in which the children parents can come and visit. Parents can stay as long as they like and visit with their children. But we would like a designated area from them to visit. And now thanks to some very generous donations from Chicago and the Florida Keys, this hope is a reality!

Amazing Staff

I came Casa Agua Azul looking at things from a social work prospective. I thought I was going to notice many things that could be improved upon. However, I have quickly discovered that theory to be proven false. This staff may not have received all the “official” trainings on child care but they hear from The Father. Their natural instincts on love and discipline have been very well implemented. There is never a child left unattended or watched at all times. It can seem overwhelming with so many kids and few staff but they work wonders. 

Bluewater Surrender has put together an impeccable staff that I believe are FULLY capable to run that house. “Hardworking” does not even begin to describe director Jerry and his wife Gris. They go above and beyond for the children, the staff and Bluewater Surrender. They love what they do and work every day as if working for the Lord. It has been an honor to serve with them! And the more that I observe this staff, I am in awe. Only God could have hand picked such a special and devoted team. These workers love God and truly  desire to see the children thrive in the Lord. Gail and Ted can rest easy and have confidence that when they are away, their staff not only “comes to work” but does everything they can to make that place better. 


Many of these children struggle with multiple behavioral issues. And it is very challenging for the staff. Pray for continued strength and patience for the staff. Pray for the children for their hearts to heal and they would seek God more each day. Pray especially for Jerry his wife Gris and son Wally. Also pray for me ad my health. I have recently come down with an annoying cold. Pray for a quick recovery!

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