A visit from Boatique

Yesterday Casa Agua Azul was blessed with a visit from a team brought by Pamela and Sheldon Redpath. Pamela and Sheldon are owners of the Boatique Hotel and Marina in Rio Dulce Guatemala. The aim of their business is to provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for tourists and locals alike. In addition, Pamela and Sheldon desire to provide rest and relaxation for fellow missionaries. It is their hope that they can provide and safe haven and temporary retreat for missionaries passing through. Their passion for God and giving hearts are evident not only in their everyday life, but also, in how they run their business.

Joy to their souls

The Boatique Hotel and Marina periodically brings visitors to Casa Agua Azul. Contrary to what some might think, visitors are a HUGE blessing need to abandoned and abused children. Temporary visitors provide relief and training for staff as well as entertainment and fun for the children. Yes playing with the children is very therapeutic to their souls.

Staff Training

Two people from the Boatique group provided a CPR class for our staff. Ironically, just the other day one of the little girls was choking on a beed! Luckily, one of our staff knew what to do and saved the girl. However, this particular training is a necessity for all staff, including the older boys. Teams who come and provide trainings for our staff are few and far between.

Why I love mission teams

Personally, having stayed at the house for a few weeks now, I look forward to team coming. It is a blessing for the children as well as the staff. I know some people that protest the idea of missionaries coming and going in and out of kids lives, but I have a different take on that… At my job in the US, I worked with children in foster car as well as children from the local Shelter. My job included a number of things from taking a baby to his/her first doctors appointment to just having coffee with a troubled teenager. I was “in and out of these kids lives.” I was there for a few weeks and gone the next. Early on in my job, I discussed with my supervisor concerns about the children getting too attached to me. Her response, filled with wisdom, she replied,

Rachel, these children need to bond with their primary caregivers (i.e foster parents and/or biological parents). You you only need to be concerned with providing an environment that is normal for these kids. When you take them to the doctor, it’s normal. And every other outing after that will become normal for them. You need to be concerned when certain children will not bond with you. Then that calls for therapy. 


In other words, most of the children at Casa Agua Azul are bonding well to the primary caregivers of the house (Jerry and Gris). Short-Term missionaries are a reality of this place. And as teams begin to come and go it will become normal for the children. In addition, most children who have suffered abuse have difficulty attaching and bonding to others. So having new people periodically come is healthy for the children to learn to love and let go.

Thank you Boatique!!

Having a fabulous lunch cooked by Gris!

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