Coffee and Hugs 

In a place one would expect to find limitless peace and quiet, I unfortunately have discovered the opposite. I awake each morning to the sounds of laughing, crying and/or screaming children. As children prepare for school each morning I do my best to stay out of the way and not distract them. Most mornings, I tip-toe down stairs and try and grab some coffee without the children noticing my presence. I have not been successful. However, the moment I reach the bottom of the steps I am met with an audible “RAQUEL!!!” And ambushed by a giant group hug from eleven small children. It is precious!

What’s in a Day?

Each day here at Casa Agua Azul is different. The day-today routine that overwhelms most Americans bears no resemblance in Guatemala. People are relaxed but not lazy. How is it that a woman can clean an entire house, do the laundry for 11 children, cook for those same children and still have time to sit and relax throughout the day with her husband? Stress is not so much a problem here as in the States. What I find most ironic though, is that more work seems to get done. 

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