Casa Agua Azul

July 1st marks the beginning of my 5 week stay in Casa Agua Azul. I have been here since June but as of July 1st, I will be here alone. Since I arrived it has been nonstop activities with two different teams from the US. 

June 19th-June 25th my good friend Danielle came to scout out jungle tours with Gail and I. Danielle is an amazing trip leader and author from Michigan. She has brought many awesome teams to Guatemala! It was blessing to spend time with her and see more of the beauty of Guatemala.

Ali’s Trip

June 24th-July 1st, my friend Ali and her two friends were here in Guatemala. Ali and her friends are all very strong. Just to give you a clue on their physical abilities… All three of them do CrossFit. As a result, we did a lot of physical labor. A current project we are working on at the house is the building of a retaining wall. In order to make this wall, large wire baskets are made and then filled with rocks and concrete. During my friends stay, a large rock pile was dwindled down to a small pile of rubble within a few days. These ladies worked non-stop! Even when it rained and the ground got muddy, they still continued to push wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of rocks down to the waters edge! I have never been so impressed with the physical ability of a team before. 

In addition to physical work, Ali and her friends went on a two-day Jerry Jungle tour. These tours are led by Jerry our house papa. Not only do teams get to experience the breathtaking beauty of Guatemala, but a portion of these trips goes to help support Casa Agua Azul.

It was a great trip filled with adventure, love and new discovers about on another. The best thing about new teams coming to Guatemala is seeing how God works in each one of them. 

My friend Ali, her team and Gail left July… I miss them. But I feel a strange sense of peace. It feels like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I’ve never felt something like this before though. I don’t know where God is going to take me next, but I open to whatever His plans are.

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