There is light in the darkness

It still hasn’t hit me yet that I’m in Guatemala. From the time I stepped off the plane on June 19th until now I’ve hit the ground running. There has been little time to pause, reflect and process. Time works differently in Guatemala. I feel like I’m constantly waiting on something. Waiting for the car to come, waiting on food, waiting on a boat etc.. But God is teaching me that there is purpose in the waiting. Many things can happen in those waiting times if you just look for the opportunity. 


We spent the day traveling from Guatemala City to Rio Dulce. Rio Dulce is where Casa Agua Azul is located and my home for the next few months. The drive from the city is long, hot and bumpy. When we arrived at the Casa Agua Azul we were greeted by hugs and smiling faces of children! The 6 hour drive became a distant memory. We ended our day by watching the house staff put the children to sleep. A house mother prayed with boys room and girls room. Photos cannot express the tenderness that was felt in those rooms. These children are so loved.

Building a heart sand pit for the kids on Thursday


Friday morning we awoke to the sounds of children laughing and rushing about as they got ready for school. I’ve never heard giggles from permeant residence of this home before! The feeling is both exciting and scary at the same time. Bluewater Surrender and Casa Aqua Azul has jumped through many hoops to secure a stable home for these children. However, now that they are here, I can’t help but feel a huge sense of awe! This is real. The children are finally here! 


Saturday we awoke early to make our way to a hike in the jungle. I was not told where we were going or what we would be doing, only to “pack an overnight bag.” I’m going to leave some of what we did a mystery… But just give a snapshot…We hiked to place called “Jaguar Cave” and watched in utter disbelief as the splendor of God revealed Itself in the darkness.

Tomorrow my best friend Ali is coming in with her team! I am both excited and sad. Because I know that when she leaves I will be at the house alone. Until now, I never realized how much I valued my friends (especially those that speak English). I truly cherish my time with each friend. But there is purpose in the waiting and there is purpose in the darkness. Sometimes it takes utter darkness to truly know what light is. 

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  1. Sounds like things are going amazing! ❤️ Looking forward to getting back there I’m missing it like crazy!

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