New Adventures

In a few weeks I will be in Rio Dulce Guatemala for 2 months serving with Bluewater Surrender at Casa Aqua Azul. It still doesn’t feel real. Although I’ve been overseas for months at a time before, something about this trip seems different. The months leading up to this trip have been some of the most painful but also fruitful experiences yet. My God is not a God of lack but a God of abundance. In the hard times it’s difficult to view God as a “Good Father.” For years I could not sing the song “Good, Good Father” because the lyrics only ignited anger and confusion. I did not view God as good. Rather I viewed Him has distant had sometimes mean. In the months leading up to this trip God is continually revealing His goodness. This goodness is not reveled through the things He gives me, but rather in His expression of Himself to me. God is love, joy and hope all wrapped up in Himself! I need not search for those things in another person or experience. 

As you walk this journey with me I invite you participate by writing me in comments and emails. Not every missionary is the same but I do believe each missionary has the same calling and this is: Make disciples. In this blog, I will share my journey, words, and dreams with you. Thanks for reading!

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